About Mura Financial

Shortly after graduating college in 1976, Bill Mura started his own Tax and Accounting firm. Bill saw a compelling need for tax and financial services for the small to medium size business. He saw that many small business owners felt that competent financial tax and business advisory services were not possible within the constraints of their budget. He also observed that most accounting firms involved themselves heavily in the semantics of accounting and tax preparation without helping the clients to accomplish the most important goal of small business: BUILDING AND PRESERVING WEALTH FOR THEMSELVES & THEIR FAMILIES!

   After working with many small to medium-sized business owners, Bill developed a four-point approach (see below) to helping the small to medium-sized business meet their goals. Bill and his qualified staff are dedicated to meeting the goals of the client through proper business planning and frequent review of results.

The Four Point Approach to Building Wealth

Step 1

Proper financial statement and tax preparation based on a sound business & tax plan. (We install and teach you to use accounting & check writing computer programs, and provide computer / technical support to our clients)

Step 2

Paying the legal minimum for State and Federal income taxes.

Step 3

Building wealth through; Prudent investment strategy, Paying the legal minimum for State and Federal income taxes, and Continual monitoring of your plan by a Mura Financial investment planning representative.

Step 4

Business sale or family transition strategy.